Beaver Brothers, Inc.: A Salisbury Family Business Since 1919

rowancodowntownAt Beaver Brothers Inc., we’re proud to call ourselves long-time members of the Salisbury, North Carolina community. And although our town is a great place to be year-round, autumn is a particularly special time. As October approaches, Salisbury gears up for its annual October Tour, a tour of the town’s historic homesteads complete with dining and musical festivities. We at Beaver Brothers are proud to sponsor this celebration of our home’s history, and as we near our 100th year in business, we’d like to reflect on our shared history with Salisbury.

Salisbury, NC – A Rich History

Salisbury was founded as the seat of Rowan county in 1755 at the convergence of two Native American trails. The town saw many changes in the decades that followed, and one of the greatest agents for development was the railroad. In the mid 1800s, the North Carolina railroad made its way through the city center, spurring urban growth and a burgeoning commercial district. By the turn of the century, Salisbury had become a strong working class community with an economy largely based on textiles and manufacturing. It wasn’t long after that the original Beaver brothers went into business, providing much needed services to the people of Salisbury. In 1919, Clarence and H. Clifford Beaver began offering hydronic heating and plumbing installation and maintenance, starting a tradition of quality service and community trust that is continued today by Mike and Trip Beaver. As our town has grown and evolved, so have we. Today, Salisbury boasts the only 10 gigabit municipal internet service in the WORLD! Our company has progressed accordingly, using cutting edge HVAC technology to deliver the most efficient and eco-friendly heating and cooling solutions for southern homes. Beaver Brothers, Inc. has been keeping area homes and families comfortable for nearly 100 years, and we look forward to the next century in our hometown.

Beaver Brothers – Proud Sponsor of the October Tour

In recognition of our long and rewarding relationship with Salisbury, we are honored to sponsor the 2016 October Tour. The event offers a glimpse into our great town’s history as well as the experience of our vibrant contemporary cultural scene. Whether you enjoy historical homes, fine artwork, or wine and dining, October Tour has something for you and the family. Tour dates are Saturday, 10/8, and Sunday, 10/9; all other information can be found at Come see why Beaver Brothers, Inc. is so proud to call Salisbury, NC home.