Why Is My Crawlspace Warm in the Winter in Salisbury, NC?

This winter, homeowners throughout the Salisbury area will turn on their heating systems, filling their homes with warm, comfortable air. However, if you’ve noticed your crawlspace seems to be as warm as your house, you could be facing a potentially serious HVAC dilemma. Let’s look at what causes this problem and how Beaver Brothers, Inc. can solve it.

Leaking ductwork can make your crawlspace warm

A properly sealed and insulated crawlspace will be protected from the adverse conditions of the outdoors. Even so, the temperature in a crawlspace typically won’t be drastically different from that of the outside air. So why is your crawlspace warm during the cold of the winter? Well, the problem most likely lies with your HVAC system’s ductwork. A leak in a duct will allow warm, treated air to flow into the crawlspace, as opposed to the living spaces of the house. If you’re not sure whether you have leaky ductwork, take a look at your utility bill. Although energy costs do rise in winter, wasted heat will cause bills to skyrocket. In addition, heating your crawlspace the same way you do your home can create conditions that are conducive to mold growth.

Have ductwork inspected and repaired

In addition to keeping your crawlspace warm, leaking ductwork is often indicative of other issues with an HVAC system. Cracks and holes in ducts are caused by dirt, debris, and other particles being forced through the ventilation system. These in turn result from an inefficient furnace or a dirty filter, which can lead to mold and mildew and extensive repairs. To properly maintain ductwork, it should be well-sealed and insulated, and any tears or holes should be repaired or covered with the appropriate HVAC tape. Preventative measures such as these also protect your home during the summer, as wasted air-conditioning is no better than wasted heat. If your ductwork is in need of maintenance or repair, look no further than Beaver Brothers, Inc. Our experience servicing HVAC systems in Salisbury has kept equipment running smoothly and homes comfortable for nearly 100 years. Call us today!

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