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Boilers offer a long life and up to 98 percent efficiency. They can also be quite compact, saving space and money spent on natural gas. They have regained popularity in homes and businesses due to the consistent, efficient warmth they provide. Today’s condensing boilers contain technology designed to recover heat as it is discharged for greater efficiency. Gas conventional boilers are also available to save fuel and heat large homes and businesses. Select boiler models can also provide the hot water you use for bathing and cleaning.


Beaver Brothers, Inc. services all brands of boilers for homes and businesses, and we sell, install and service Lochinvar boilers. To learn more, please contact us.

Why Choose a Boiler System?

A boiler can heat large spaces very efficiently. For example, radiant in-floor heat uses warm water in pipes beneath your floor to heat a space. This type of boiler-based heating system is always on, with the heat rising up to keep you warm. The heat is more constant and less drying than blown air heating systems.


If your boiler is in need of repair, don’t wait to contact the experts at Beaver Brothers to address the issue!  We offer a full range of boiler installation and repair services. Contact us today!

Advantages of Boiler Systems:

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We Install and Service Lochinvar Boilers!

Lochinvar is the industry leader that other leading companies call upon for the most advanced and efficient boiler products in the world. For that reason, Lochinvar is trusted to go beyond the call of duty to find a solution for every project, no matter the size. You will not find a boiler company that works harder or cares more. 


Lochinvar is proud to introduce the new, improved KNIGHT fire tube boiler—KNIGHT is the most flexible residential boiler you can install. Today, the new KNIGHT boiler family is available in 13 model options—six floor mounts and seven wall mounts. It also offers a broader range of heating capacity from 55,000 to 399,000 BTU/hr while continuing to work at 95% AFUE efficiency.

Is Your Old Boiler in Need of a Replacement?

There are several “tell-tale” signs that boilers are not performing well. Being aware of the crucial signs that your boiler isn’t working efficiently can save you money. While spending money on occasional repairs is natural, there are times when purchasing a new boiler is more cost advantageous than continuing to put money into an old boiler.


Even if your boiler is still performing after 10-15 years, it’s still a good idea to start considering getting a replacement as its efficiency levels will have declined. A brand-new boiler could provide you with a better quality of heating and hot water. You could even save money on your energy bills by increasing the levels of energy-efficiency with a new boiler. Contact Beaver Brothers today to have one of our experts give you an estimate along with options to best suit your home.