Radiant Floor Heating


Radiant Floor Heating

With radiant heat flooring, you will feel the warmth, comfort and efficiency from one corner of your room to the other … from the tips of your toes to the top of your head … from one utility bill to the next! Your home comfort team at Beaver Brothers, Inc. is experienced, factory-trained and certified for installations, maintenance and service anywhere in North Carolina. Residential, commercial or industrial? Yes. We are RPA certified for radiant floor heating design and installation so you can rest assured the job will be done properly with Beaver Brothers.

It’s that simple. Feel the warmth, comfort and efficiency. Feel radiant.

What is radiant heat flooring?

Hot water tubes are attached to the sub-floor and covered with a thin layer of thermal mass flooring, which transfers heat to the room in much the same manner as a traditional radiator. This flexible flooring allows heat generation from almost any hot water source.

What are some of the benefits of radiant heat flooring?

Clean and efficient heating system
Warm comfort, quiet operation
Flexible designs used with various heat sources
Versatile flooring applications
Concrete, tile, stone, hardwood, carpet, and more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Won’t the floor be too hot to sit on or to walk on barefoot?
Absolutely not! The water flowing through the system is not extremely hot. This comfortable heating method allows low-intensity heat to constantly radiate upward …. from the tips of your bare toes to the top of your head and all around the room.

I didn’t know about radiant heat flooring when my home was built. Can it still be installed?
Definitely. And you should be able to install it throughout much of your existing house without disturbing the existing heating and air-conditioning systems. Your professional experts at Beaver Brothers can give you all the details. Contact us today via e-mail, or call 704-637-9595.

It’s that simple. Feel the warmth, comfort and efficiency. Feel radiant.