How to Cut Your Utility Bill in Half This Summer Concord & Salisbury, NC

Summer is the favorite time of year for many of us. Those warm summer nights and long days which include vacations, swimming, kids playing outdoors, and picnics at the park. But along with the fun of summer comes the dreaded high utility bills. Summer is hot, especially here in Carolinas. It’s too hot to keep your windows open, so your air conditioner runs all day and night just to keep you comfortable. With utility rate increases, your power bill probably keeps getting higher and higher. What can you do to cut costs and potentially cut your bill in half this summer? 

Replace Air Filters in Salisbury

Clean air filters help your air conditioner operate efficiently. Dirty and clogged air filters are a major contributor to higher utility bills because your air conditioner has to work harder to circulate the air throughout your home. It will also help with allergies and asthma. Check them once a month and replace them when necessary.

Avoid Operating Appliances that Generate Heat in Concord, NC

Your oven, dryer, and dishwasher create a lot of heat that heats up your house every time you use them. Try to find alternatives whenever possible, and you will see savings over time. 

Instead of using the oven, you can cook on the stovetop, use a crockpot, or even fire up the grill. 

Don’t use the dryer, hang your clothes outside to dry. If you suffer from summer allergies; look for places around your home where you can layout the laundry to dry or look into purchasing drying racks.

Water heaters require energy to maintain hot water in the tank. Wash your laundry and dishes in cold water to save energy. 

Instead of using the dishwasher, wash dishes by hand and let them air dry. 

If you need to use the dryer or dishwasher, run them in the early mornings or overnight. Also, make sure you’ve cleaned your dryer traps and vents.

Keep Your Blinds and Curtains Closed from Direct Light

If you’re away from home, keep all your blinds and curtains closed. It’s best to keep the blinds or curtains closed during hot sunny hours.  It will significantly lower the temperature in your home. When you are home and want to use natural light to save energy, only open the blinds or curtains that will let in indirect light.  

Use Fans

Ceiling fans are a great cost-effective way to cool you off. Just remember to turn your ceiling fan to run counterclockwise during the summer.

If you don’t have ceiling fans, look into investing in portable fans. You can find inexpensive fans that have several different speeds, settings, and even come with remotes. 

Use your bathroom fan when you take a shower. A bathroom fan will remove heat and humidity from the bathroom and home. 

Try Using Low Flow Shower Heads

Install low flow showerheads that reduce the amount of water consumption when you shower.

Turn Down Your Water Heater or Go Tankless

Most thermostats are set at 140 degrees. Turning it down to 120 degrees will lower your utility bills and still maintain a comfortable water temperature. Your water heater uses energy to maintain a constant water temperature. By lowering the temperature your water heater uses less energy. 

Because tankless water heaters only work when you turn on hot water, they use less energy than standard water heaters. Switching to a tankless water heater may lower your utility bills. 

Use LED Light Bulbs 

Once your incandescent light bulbs stop working, replace them with LED bulbs. LED bulbs are more expensive but last much longer and use 80 to 90% less energy than incandescent light bulbs, providing you savings.

Turn It Off and Use Power Strips

Turn off lights, computers, and televisions. Unplug phones and tablets when not charging. Simple steps like these can make a big difference in the amount of electricity you and your home consume. You can even plug your electronics and appliances into power strips. Turn the power strip off when you can. Many of our electronics and appliances use energy even when they’re not in use.

Raise Your Thermostat in Concord

Keep your thermostat at a comfortable temperature but not too cool. Try turning it up a couple of degrees and see if your home is still comfortable. Keep it as high as possible while still maintaining your comfort level. A few degrees higher on the thermostat will save you money.

Invest in a Programmable or Smart Thermostat

You can lower your cooling bill as much as 10% by turning your temperatures down seven to ten degrees. A programmable thermostat allows you to set a schedule which would increase the temperatures during the times you’re not there. 

You could also purchase a smart thermostat which allows you to control the temperature in your home remotely through a smartphone, tablet, remote control, or by voice. More advanced smart thermostats actually “learn” from your behaviors. Over time, they recognize and remember your regular heating and cooling habits. They will determine the most appropriate temperature based on the time of year, the time of day, the number of occupants, and previous patterns of use. 

Properly Insulate Your Home

Before summer is in full swing, make sure your home is properly insulated. Once you turn your air conditioner on, you want to keep the cool air in and the hot air out. Check windows and doors for places where air may be getting in or out. If needed, caulk windows and replace weather stripping on the doors. 

Check the ductwork in your attic or crawlspaces for leaks. A properly insulated home will help keep down costs and preserve energy. 

Regular Service or Maintenance from Beaver Brothers, Inc.

Keeping to a regular maintenance schedule will ensure that your unit is working efficiently, thus, reducing the amount of energy used.