Understanding the Benefits of a Dual Fuel Heat Pump in Salisbury and Lake Norman?

Girl sitting on a radiatorHVAC systems are designed to efficiently provide your home with comfortable air. The type of system that you have can determine just how well it will perform its function. Most HVAC systems either use one of two schemes: heat pumps, or central air-conditioners combined with gas furnaces. Each of these operates differently and can offer specific benefits. However, some homeowners may find that combining the two models with a dual fuel heat pump will deliver the most efficient A/C and heat. The experts at Beaver Brothers in Salisbury, NC having been providing quality solutions for homeowners since 1919!

Heat Pump vs. Gas Furnace

Central A/C and furnace systems use an air conditioner to cool air while the gas-powered furnace separately heats air. Heat pumps do both tasks, moving heat out of a home to cool it and transferring heat from outside to inside to warm it up. While heat pumps can be far more efficient and cost-effective, central air systems often prove to be more reliable, particularly in colder climates when stronger heat is needed more often.

What is a Dual Fuel Heat Pump?

Dual fuel heat pumps are a hybrid of the two major HVAC systems. A heat pump is used as always to move warm air out of the house in warm weather and to bring heat indoors when outdoor temperatures are cooler. If the temperature drops below freezing and the heat pump has the inability to remove heat from the outside air inside, the gas furnace kicks on and begins pumping warm air throughout the household.

Why Choose a Dual Fuel System?

By combining the best features of each major system into one, dual fuel systems offer superior performance to other systems. The efficiency of the heat pump is retained, cooling air just like an air conditioner and providing heat using just electricity, which is perfect for mild climates like the Salisbury and Lake Norman areas. Nonetheless, we’re not immune to several nights per winter of freezing or below freezing temperatures. When this happens and the gas powered furnace circulates warm, comfortable air, you’ll be glad you’re not depending totally on the milder heat from the heat pump alone.

Dual fuel heat pumps are the best of both worlds in HVAC systems. They provide efficient A/C and reliable heat in a climate that sometimes sees extremes in all seasons. Contact the experts at Beaver Brothers to ask about dual fuel heat pumps today.