Why is my thermostat blank in Lake Norman, NC?

Having difficulty setting a thermostat’s mode is not a major predicament, though it can be quite a nuisance in the long run. There may be various reasons your thermostat display is blank, including this generic malfunction.

Power surge or tripped breaker

If the touch screen on your thermostat is blank when you enter your house, it might’ve experienced a power surge. If you have a thermostat that is equipped with an on/off button or a power button, the control panel will pause for a few seconds and then immediately reboot. Other versions of the thermostat may require you reset it by flipping the circuit breaker in the fuse box.

A tripped breaker can cause the thermostat screen to be blank. Try resetting the breaker and allowing the thermostat time to reboot.

A triggered safety switch

High-efficiency systems, heat pumps, and air-conditioners have condensate safety devices to prevent extensive water damage in case of a drain issue.

Gas furnace systems are outfitted with a safety switch which detects if the unit becomes too hot, preventing serious damage.

Any of these safety switch devices could cause the thermostat screen to be blank and your equipment needs to be inspected by a licensed service technician.

Dead batteries

Many residential thermostats draw power from your electrical system’s main source. Some thermostats are equipped with batteries and must be changed on an annual basis. If you notice that your thermostat displays a blank screen and runs on batteries, change them right away.

Open furnace door

Furnace control panels typically have a safety lock. When the door is removed from the furnace, the safety lock will engage and shut the furnace down. If the furnace door is not attached firmly, the safety lock can turn off the system. 

Wiring connection issues

Another cause for a blank thermostat could be simply the thermostat is bad.

You can visually inspect the wiring connections by turning off the power to the thermostat, removing the panel and looking for any burnt wires.

Dust can become trapped inside the panel causing a connectivity issue.

You can use compressed air, sparingly, to remove loose dust.

Reinstall the panel on the thermostat and turn the breaker back on.

If this does not resolve the blank screen, contact your local heating and air-conditioning contractor for a service call.

Thermostat needs to be replaced

Like most electrical components, a thermostat will not last forever.

The average life of most brands is ten-years.

If the screen is blank on your thermostat and is an older version, consult with your HVAC service technician to see if yours needs to be replaced.

Even some of the items mentioned in this article could be a result of an underlying issue.

The best way to ensure your thermostat and equipment are working at optimum levels, schedule a maintenance with your trusted HVAC contractor.

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