Why is My Air Conditioner Constantly Running and My House Still Isn’t Cool on Lake Norman?

Lake Norman summers are hot and humid and air conditioners work overtime. If you’re wondering whether it’s normal for your air conditioner to constantly run, consider the temperatures outside and whether your house is cooling. When temperatures reach in the upper eighties and nineties, your air conditioner will have to work harder to keep the temperatures lower in your home. Your air conditioner should turn on and stay on until your house cools. But, what about if your house isn’t cooling and your air conditioner just keeps running? Read below to find out what might be wrong with your unit.

It’s Too Small for Your Lake Norman Home

It’s not uncommon for an air unit to be too small for the size of the home. You may suspect the unit is undersized when the unit is blowing cold air, but your house doesn’t reach the desired temperature of your thermostat. If this is the case, contact Beaver Brothers now and ask them to perform a load calculation and determine the cooling needs of your home. An undersized unit may cause unnecessary wear and tear on system and could lead to your system freezing up.

Clogged Air Filters in Rowan County

It’s an easy fix and an inexpensive way to prevent your air unit from unnecessary wear and tear. Change your filters monthly and make sure you keep them clean.

Evaporator Coil Problems

If your unit is running constantly and warm air is coming out of the vents, then it’s possible the evaporator coils are dirty or frozen. A semi-annual maintenance check up with Beaver Brothers will keep the evaporator coils clean and enable them to work properly. If you suspect the coils are frozen, turn off your air conditioner and call us immediately. If the indoor evaporator coil is indeed frozen, you should turn the fan to the “on” position on your thermostat. This will allow the indoor coil to unthaw and enable us to check the system properly upon arrival. A Beaver Brothers technician will check for low refrigerant levels as this could be another reason your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home.

Problems with the Outdoor Unit

Just like your indoor evaporator coils the outdoor condenser coil may be dirty or clogged. Check your outdoor unit and make sure that it is clear from debris and grime. Scheduling semi-annual maintenance is a great way to keep your outdoor unit in clean, working condition. If your outdoor unit appears to be clean and running properly, it’s best to contact us to and we can provide you with a professional consultation.

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