The Power Of Geothermal

Geothermal Energy can save you up to 50% on fuel costs! Since the 1980s, Beaver Brothers has promoted geothermal energy systems – the most efficient way to heat and cool a home. In fact, by installing a geothermal system in your house, you can save up to 50% on your fuel costs each year. Geothermal works by circulating water throughout the loop system. The water in the loop system either expels heat from the home in summer to cool your home, or absorbs heat from the ground in the winter to heat your home.  The geothermal heat pump can also be used to assist in the heating of hot water, or it can also be used for radiant floor heating in kitchens or bathrooms. This method of heating water and your home is the most efficient method available considering the Earth produces heat consistently at its core and provides free energy just under the ground!


With typical heating and air systems, units are located outside and face damage from weather conditions. The compact geothermal systems, however, are installed inside your home. The system is also versatile, as the single unit and buried pipe network can both heat and cool your home with a simple flip of the switch on your indoor thermostat. The installation process may take a little longer than a conventional air to air system; but once installed, your geothermal heating and cooling system has a life expectancy upwards of 25 years. The underground piping has a life expectancy of 50 plus years. We stand by ClimateMaster system’s to uphold this life expectancy and have seen good things from their equipment. There are multiple installation methods for the loop system dependent upon the property and soil conditions.  The loop system can be installed vertically, by drilling vertical bores similar to a well water system, or run horizontally just a few feet below the ground in horizontal loop.  See the above pictures to get an idea of what the loop field looks like for a Geothermal System.

Don’t forget about the THIRTY PERCENT federal tax rebate on new Geothermal Systems installed by December 31, 2019!

waterfurnace-logoIf you’re interested in a system that is both energy and cost-efficient, then invest in a geothermal system through Beaver Brothers Inc. for professional services. We are IGSHPA certified to assure quality work for our customers. For more information about a particular system, visit Water Furnace and IGSHPA or give us a call to discuss what options are available that are right for your home. Beaver Brothers have been ahead of the curve and investing in clean energy for decades, and we will continue to do so. Green energy solutions lower our customers bills, keep our home’s air clean, and lessens the overall impact on the environment. Call us today to have a certified geothermal technician view your property, and assess if you can switch to a geothermal heating and cooling system today!



See what a Water Furnace Geothermal installation could look like in your home!