Keep Cool While Beating the Heat

At Beaver Brothers, we’ve supplied our customers with trusted heating and air conditioning service for more than 94 years, a tradition that proudly extends almost as far back as the birth of modern-era air conditioning itself. With temperatures dangerously soaring in many sections of the country this summer, it’s a natural tendency to head for the shade. Here are a few reminders of additional ways to beat the oppressive heat:

  • Head for the water. Beaches and swimming pools get a workout from the extra crowds flocking to water in relief of scorching temperatures. But additional exposure to the sun brings about its own problems. Be sure to coat yourself and your kids with frequent applications of sunscreen with a minimum 30 SPF protection. Some public pools even report people standing in line waiting for a swimming facility to open when temps get excessive.
  • Head for the mall, y’all. Folks too sensitive for the sun’s relentless bombardment often retreat to indoor facilities for a break. Shopping malls in particular report heightened traffic. “That’s the beauty of bad weather,” one mall marketing manager noted of the situation’s duality. “When the weather’s extreme, we benefit either way.” Iced tea and coffee, along with frozen treats like yogurt, sell well in malls when outdoor temperatures rocket. Movie theaters also report a climb in attendance from people seeking to retire to a cool environment.
  • Cooling centers. With record-breaking temperatures surfacing in Northern California this summer, several counties opened “cooling centers,” basically daytime shelters where the public can come to escape perilous heat levels. Water and snacks are often provided. An emergency services coordinator for the American Red Cross said that, typically, those who can’t afford to run their air conditioners?the elderly or those on fixed incomes?turn out at the centers in small numbers.

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