Heat Pump

Heat Pump Repair

Beaver Brothers has been providing heat pump services to our neighbors in Salisbury for almost 100 years now. Nothing is worse than waking up in the middle of the night to a cold house. That’s why we are committed to keeping your family warm this winter. Our HVAC technicians have a lot of experience repairing all makes and models of heat pumps so rest assured we have you covered. Give us a call for all your heat pump repair needs.

We guarantee all repairs for ONE YEAR!

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Heat Pump Replacement

There comes a time when it is more cost effective to replace your heat pump as opposed to having it repaired. As these systems age, they tend to lose their efficiency as well as become less reliable. While it may seem easier to keep repairing your heating system as problems arise, purchasing a replacement unit is always more cost effective in the long run. Beaver Brother’s HVAC technicians will come perform all the required tests to make sure you have the proper unit for your home. Having the wrong size unit installed can lead to your new heat pump being overworked thus shortening the lifespan of it.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Having maintenance performed on your heat pump is important to the life of your system. Typically, maintenance is performed twice a year. Once at the start of summer and again before winter. These two times a year put the highest demand on your heat pump which is why it’s important to ensure everything is working properly before the start of those seasons. Luckily, Beaver Brothers offer a Planned Maintenance Agreement to make sure your covered. On top of the maintenance that comes with the plan, you also receive many other benefits such as a 15% discount on all service. Call Beaver Brothers today to sign up!